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Looking Forward Customer

2014-07-08 00:36:16

I have received my dress and I am really satisfied with, I'm overwhelming when they call me pretty and extra cuteeee...I hope Mis Claire will maintain and remain providing clothes to plus size beautiful ladies...for we really need itttttt people & I don't have any plan to get slim soon :) Additional, please post more latest fashionable clothing soon especially dressess...I am looking forward to it Mis Claireeeee... Adios and muche gracias....


2014-07-05 01:40:03

thanks mis claire, i dh receive baju i with duit raya.. thank alot again...

Tyra Maxi Dress Green & Black

2014-07-03 10:23:37

Received the dresses. Fits perfectly (i like it a bit loose). It's a very simple dress for daily use to office but for hari raya, will dress it up a little bit with colourful beads. Will definitely come back again....


2014-07-03 01:56:28

So happy with the outfit!! Harap dapat menambah koleksi Size 7XL-8XL dari Jenis Lycra, bcoz jenis ni la paling selesa dipakai oleh extra plus size mcm saye... ##sedih sbb x dpt beli @ Offer Price *Any 3 for RM100* bcoz SEMUA OUT OF STOCK##

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love it!!

2014-07-01 03:14:24

love everything that I've bought from u..very comfy,beautiful and worth to buy. can't wait for more new arrivals and to shop with you again. thank you!!

Superb quality and delivery
Bee Brunei

2014-06-14 01:26:37

I received my skinnies pants yesterday and they fit nicely. I bought 3 in size 5XL. Delivery was fast and everything I ordered came. Your plus size skinnies dare I say is the cheapest I have come across so far. Looking forward to order from your website soon! Thanks!

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good product, satisfied with customer service

2014-06-11 09:01:34

this dress fits me perfectly. however there is a defect, which the dealer patiently dealt with. would really love to buy another one with different colours but its sold out :( thats how good the product is :) this is my 3rd dress i bought from mis claire <3

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Awesome Dress

2014-06-11 01:42:04

Alhamdulillah, i've rceived my dress. MasyaAllaah, its so nice and good quality. InsyaAllaah, i will shopping more with Mis Claire in the future :)

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2014-05-18 07:52:25

Pertama kali beli dengan MC google for jubah plusize. nampak yang voucher kalau signup dpt RM10 trus tertawan hahaha. sangat seronok shopping dengan MC senang sangat.First time beli online tanpa rasa kecewa dengan baju yg diterima. Fits well to me ^_^ ukuran yang diberi sangat2 puas hati sekarang tak perlu ukur2 dah kalau nk beli dengan MC .first product jubah cun nye rasa hahaha.tgh tunggu belian ke 2 tiba.MC sgt2 hargai customer dia Thank You MC. Note : Please keluarkan lagi design untuk muslimah plusize comel mcm kami hehe :D

[ no title ]
niesa sya

2014-04-29 06:22:45

akhirnye dapat juga saya beli seluar yg sesuai dengan saya ! sebelum ni mmg susah nak carik seluar sbb dekat pasaran semua kecik-kecik je ! thanks mis claire ! baru pertama kali beli dgn mis claire ! admin sangat sporting ! huhu ! nak tunggu next product plk . n now saya ada order lagi . tak sabar nak tunggu sampai nanti ! love it <3 5 starrrrrrr !

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