Bonna Lumiere Plain Skirt - Black


Bonna Lumiere Plain Skirt - Black

Bonna is designed to match every top in the Lumiere Collection. All you need to do is to mix and match. Its uncomplicated colour and design makes it versatile to pair with almost everything.

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Product Detail :
Material : Crepe 
Size : Comes in sizes 2XL - 6XL 
Stretchable : Elastic waist but material not stretchable 
Thickness : Normal 
Special Note : Model wears size 2XL 
Also available in :
  • Dark Red
  • Aubergine Purple
  • Nude Pink

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Product Enquiry
Pinggang saya 46 dan punggung saya 62. Utk skirt ni saiz apa yg sesuai ya? Tkasih.
Admin Reply
ambil 6XL ya sis

sy xpnh ukur hips sy..hips n peha sy agak besar..slalu beli agak2 je..slalu pilih ukuran yg pertama kali sy beli skirt..slalu beli jubah je..
Admin Reply
Ah boleh je ukur hips, tengok lepas ke tak? kalau lepas 5XL pun dah cukup :)

sis..waist sy 42..saiz ape yg sesuai untk sy? dan jika sy ambik saiz 5XL..adakah terlalu besar??
Admin Reply
Hi, kalau ikut waist shj, 5XL sesuai... tapi hips sis berapa ye? sebab 4xl pun stretchable jugak kalau hips sis tak besar
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